In the cottage style . . .

Cottage Style Decorating Guide states this about cottage style decorating;

O"ne of the more popular decorating styles today is cottage style decorating, and it's no wonder since it's light and breezy style is well-suited to today's informal lifestyles. Cottage decorating is a mixture of light colors, comfortable fabrics and furniture and accessories that is easy on the eyes with a vintage appeal.

Contrary to what the name may imply, you can use cottage style for decorating any type of home not just a cottage. Even your three-bedroom ranch in the suburbs can have the ambience of a cute cottage if you decorate it properly."

Iron beds are perfect for achieving the cottage look in a bedroom. You can also use them as day beds by putting them against a wall and loading them up with cushy pillows.

I love a cottage decor and it's so easy to decorate in this informal, casual style. I'll be writing about this in the next week and adding tips on the cottage look and the best way I think to achieve the style and feel. The great thing is that you can mix a variety of textures with vintage quilts or linens to bring in the cottage colors, which are generally soft or faded hues. As far as furniture and accessories, select things that are easy on the eyes. There's a lot of leeway in creating this style but remember for a bedroom use an antique iron bed or old painted wood bed with quilts, some floppy pillows, add a slipcovered lampshade on a vintage table, some old board framed prints or paintings on the pale painted walls and, voila! you've created a cozy cottage bedroom.
Regarding iron and wicker chairs or settees, cheer them up by covering them with floral cushions which add comfort and style. Furniture surfaces are best that show natural wear and age but not too rustic. Keep window coverings light and breezy.

Tomorrow, slipcovers.


Tonita said...

I love your post on cottage style. Great tips to get the "cottage look".

Cordelia of Cottage Antiques said...

Thank you, Tonita. I love, LOVE cottage style decorating. There's so much you can incorporate into it. It's easy and cozy to live with, too.

Thanks for visiting my cottage!