So hard to say goodbye to Frankie

We had to say goodbye to our little dog Frankie, who died suddenly Wednesday afternoon, July 6th of congestive heart failure. He was 12 years old. Bella and I were with him at home when he passed.

He was rescued by Best Friends Animal Society from a hoarding situation that made national news. Frankie came to us at Christmastime, nearly eight years ago from my sister, Cathy, who was fostering him. He was very fearful of everything but because he was able to come to work with me, he became more and more sociable with people. All we ever wanted for him was for him to feel safe, be happy and healthy. He went on vacations to Carmel and Santa Barbara with us, on antique trips everywhere, on countless walks on the bay, Sunset Cliffs, parks, Shelter Island,  Kellogg Beach and around the neighborhood. He enjoyed every restaurant on the coast that allows dogs on their patios. I am blessed to have had a connection with Frankie, the likes of which I may never experience again. Once he opened up his heart and learned to trust us, that was it. He was bonded to us in a big way. The other thing Frankie showed in his eyes was his appreciation. He was so thankful for his life with us. He let us know every day. When we brought Bella into our family, she brought out Frankie's personality even more. He was able to have a little friend to play with and boss around, mainly boss around! Bella adored him, followed him around everywhere.

He was Bob's little buddy, Bella's big brother and he was my heart. We will miss him forever.