Our Simple Christmas Tree

I went very simple this year on decorating our tree. Whatever ornaments I had that are silver, gold, white or clear. I love the way it came out. I still have a few more touches to put on, including a mock-up tree skirt - I'm using burlap I have and wrapping it around the base of the tree.  I didn't get any new ornaments this year, don't want to buy anything that isn't made in the U.S. and, honestly, I don't want to spend money on ornaments. I'd rather our decorations be simple and elegant this year .¸¸.•*¨*• 

Happy Holidays, everyone!

~ Cordelia


Preparing for Remnants of the Past

I'm gathering items for my booth at Remnants of the Past Vintage Show coming up October 19-21.  This is going to be so much fun. I'll be posting more photos as we get closer to the show.

My friend, Martha Stauderman (Martha Lae on Etsy) is creating some fabulous pumpkins out of muslin and vintage chenille. She's so talented and I can't wait to showcase them at Remnants. The fall show is so fun!

Stay tuned - there will be more photos coming!


Celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day was creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. Today it signifies no work on Labor Day and the end of summer, with families and friends flocking to the beach and parks for picnics and barbecues. Have fun! 

My husband Bob and I will be celebrating in Coronado, riding our bikes all over the island, enjoying the beach and the beautiful weather.


Ahhhh, Old Shutters!

There is nothing quite like a wonderful pair of antique shutters, and these are perfectly aged!


Antique Trends . . . repurposing is taking a whole new direction

Trends in antiques are no different than fashion trends, and the antique business has always been geared by trends. So much affects the antique business, the economy, home decor and furniture styles. Today, repurposing is taking a bit of a turn. Things are being repurposed more than ever, and consumers and dealers alike are looking at antiques with a new eye, finding innovative ways to use them iin home interiors.

Mixing industrial with traditional, modern and vintage with no rules other than the basics, can work beautifully. Even when furniture, accessories or textiles are damaged and worn, almost to the point of no return, they are given a new life, dusted off and treated with respect.

Bringing tattered wares back to life is also very satisfying. In years past, things would have been tossed out or put in a shed. Not today, when things are "aged to perfection", as I like to say, it's better than if they're in excellent condition. Time worn elegance, that's what it's all about. There is a character added to a home's decor by salvaging something that would have been tossed out. And what could be a better way to conserve and recycle? There's a comfortable elegance with today's look. My opinion is it's smart and it's wise to furnish our homes in this fashion.

Creative artisans are using old book pages and sheet music to create wreaths, paper flowers, picture frames, jewelry, you name it, their are endless items that can be created. Vintage broken jewelry fragments are used to form new forms of jewelry, and the fobs could not be more popular.

At Remnants of the Past Antique Show in San Luis Obispo last month, this trend couldn't have been more evident. 
Debra Hall Lifestyle

The awning below was made out of cardboard. 
I had to get really close to it to believe it. 
Beyond clever.

Using antique European grain sacks for fabric - for pillows, upholstering chairs, ottomans, sofas. This type of furniture is extremely popular. 3 Fine Grains is an example of how it should be done. 
Kymberley Fraser has an eye for how to do it right, and does she ever! 

From Victoria Stoehr Designs

These Martha Lae tags are made from the cardboard separators in boxes of wine, that Martha gathers from wine stores. Old costume jewelry, is taken apart and used as embellishments along with antique sheet music and string. 

This is a very fun time in the antiques business, at least for me. I'm loving the worn, scrub top, chippy (for real, not forced), finishes with just the right amount of rust.

I bought this shelf last week and can't wait to display merchandise on it for the Remnants of the Past Antique Show coming up in October. I hope to see you there!



We hang our flag proudly for those who have served and are thankful for those who continue to serve.


Doesn't this sound like a wonderful tour with designer and antiques afficionada, Carol Hicks Bolton

Check out Vagabond International's antiquing tours to Europe here.


A Happy Easter to you all!

This was a treat to see: At a friend's house this weekend my girlfriends and I were admiring the beautiful trees in the yard. We saw this pair of doves. They sat there perched and were seemingly oblivious to us admiring them. The question is, will a nest be showing up soon?

Happy Easter!


Look at this great site! There's also a Jean d'Arc Living Magazine

This is an example of what you might see on the Jean d'Arc Living site. A friend, Kim Kelly of Bella Rustica blog), told me about the magazine. Their site has items they refurbish and sell plus things they create in their Nordic workshop. From the furniture, accessories, lighting, to the stationery, soap, candles, all of it is just plain wonderful.

Wonderful antique, metal European wash stand

An old grain sack made into a cutlery bag. Love it!

 . . . and how about a cafe curtain made from old grain sacks? It works for totally natural look, repurposing something and making it into a totally different use.

These antique siphon bottles from France can be just the right touch on a bar, in a kitchen, bathroom or dresser. The color and patina make for an appealing accessory.

Lastly, they have some charming wrapping papers, for just the right touch. It's the details that matter!

Here's Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine. You can purchase them on their site, here.


~ Cordelia


My neighbor and friend's home in Country Sampler Magazine and on the cover!!

My friend, Jerilyn, is the consummate collector. She made the cover of Country Sampler Magazine! Enjoy the tour of her home! 

OOPS! I've been asked by the editor of Country Sampler to remove the photos because of copyright issues. Sorry! Only the cover can be posted.


Our trip to Carmel-By-the-Sea

My husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary in Carmel, CA. I always feel so much at home in Carmel because my grandparents lived there. I have fond memories of summers and many holidays spent there. Here are photos I took during our stay, mostly on our walks. We stayed at the luxurious 1929 Cypress Inn, which was awesome! The rooms are beautiful, updated to the 21st Century and the staff were wonderful. I love the charm and diversity of the homes in Carmel. I'm always fascinated with the natural, weather-worn look of gates and fences framing so many of the houses. 

My husband, Bob and I, at the Cypress Inn.

Here are a few examples, along with photos of the breathtakingly beautiful beaches and trees.
 I never tire of the storybook homes. 

This is a beach south of town, in the Carmel Valley.
An adorable 1905 cottage:

 A deer in the road - we never see this in San Diego!

 A garden arbor, Carmel style

. . . and yet another arched door

 I sound like a broken record, I loved all the whimsical gates and entrances to gardens

and more fences . . .

 A wonderful corner bistro we found and had a great lunch!

it was delish!

and yet another great fence!

and lastly, the Mission Ranch Inn, where we had dinner on our anniversary

 The beach at the foot of Ocean Avenue in the village of Carmel

 Pacific Grove Antiques - felt at home in this charming shop!

More fences and arbors:

 The Homestead Cottages looks like a sweet place to stay.

 and a view of the sky and sea through the trees.