Antique Show

 Yesterday I went to the Del Mar Antique show with my friend Jerilyn. We both enjoyed seeing our favorite dealers, Peggy McFarland from Utah, with her fantastic display of Victorian napkin rings and unusual cast iron doorstops; Audrey Hancock, Homestead Antiques in St. Charles, Idaho, exhibiting hard-to-find Americana and early advertising pieces (you can see her at Marburger Farm in Roundtop Texas March 29-Aprl 2). It was nice to see TC Leary with her fabulous estate jewelry. San Carlos Street Antiques from San Jose didn't disappoint with their booth of treasures. There were some outstanding dealers with heirloom sterling. I saw a set of early Tiffany flatware that was astoundingly beautiful. I was very impressed with the amount of early coin silver pieces, too. The repair booths are something that is a huge draw because there is no one in San Diego that repairs pottery, porcelain or china. I enjoyed talking to Josette from Las Vegas. I've been to her store on East Charleston many times. She does restoration of porcelain, china and pottery. My cat, Sweetpea, broke an 19 Century Staffordshire spill vase which I'm going to give to Josette to repair. I was very happy to see her at the show.

 Michael Grimes the promoter, brought in one of three of the original cable cars that were used for transportation in San Diego from 1912 to the mid 1930s.

This is a beautiful French painting in TCLeary's booth

I loved these children's button up shoes. It's easier to find the baby shoes than it is the youth shoes because they were worn more and subsequently worn out.These are in near-new condition. So sweet!

The bakelite booth was there as well as another bakelite dealer who came from Arizona.

Sunday is the perfect day to head up to the Del Mar Antique Show and check out everything it has to offer. I hope they have a good turnout. Those of us who love antiques need to support this show - it's the only antique show in San Diego.


Simplify . . .

Sounds easy to say simplify, doesn't it? Doing it is quite another thing. As I reflect on this past year, I am wanting to simplify my life as much as I can. So that's my goal in 2011, to take steps that will simplify in a thoughtful and methodical manner.  

Whether you fill spaces in your home with your flea market and antique store finds or family heirlooms, surround yourself with the things you cherish and love to create your personal haven. It doesn't have to be cluttered, that's a misconception about collecting vintage or antique items. A home can be sparsely decorated with antiques, filled to the brim or be somewhere in between. It's all about what fits your lifestyle and your taste.

This was a really fun display to make. The antique chippy paint door makes a perfect backdrop for vintage black and white photos.

My passion is finding beautiful antique treasures, putting them on display for our customers and enjoying their response when they find it and want to take it home to treasure in their home. It's always a delight and I never tire of it.

Happy treasure hunting in 2011!