My Flow Blue Collection

Over the years I've collected many things. I'm also one for changing things. I have had a flow blue collection for quite a while. Since I'm gradually changing the look of our living room, I've decided to sell my flow blue collection. This is not a particularly large collection, but is a nice mix of the beautiful blue and white English flow blue. It has looked lovely for years in this 1920s corner cabinet. There's nothing quite like flow blue, very appealing, but I'm decors and going in another direction. 

This cupboard came out of a Victorian home in Redlands, CA. It was in the kitchen. I have it in the corner of our living room. I didn't change the paint, it's as we found it, but I'm going to paint the inside of it, I just haven't decided on what color. I'll be posting photos as I make the changes. I thought you'd like to see the cupboard before it's transformed into another look. I'll be painting and decorating it throughout this month. 

Stay tuned for updated photos!

Happy New Year to you all,