The Point Loma Garden Walk was a HUGE success!

One of our homeowners put pink garden hats son her topiary bears!

Everyone there had a wonderful time. What a beautiful day to have a garden walk. There were approximately 1,000 people who attended this wonderful event that benefits the CranioFacial Services of Rady Children's Hospital. The boutique was over the top with the most incredible deals! Great garden plants, birdhouses, birdfeeders, whimsical quality garden items.


Trying to reinvent ourselves

We're always looking for ways to inspire our clientele, and provide a more wonderful shopping experience. Keeping the store fresh and having it stand apart from the rest is our constant challenge and that's the part I love. Changing the shop as we bring in new treasures and great furniture finds. Our look is gradually changing and it's fund to see how shoppers respond to the differences. The shop is always evolving for the better. Now that we have our outdoor cottage in our store's backyard garden. we have even more space to express ourselves. What I love the most are the architectural elements that add so much to a home. I'll be adding some photos of recent antique salvage finds. Keep coming back!