Preparing for a BIG sale!

We're getting ready to bring in new merchandise after our big sale. EVERYTHING in the store will be on sale beginning soon.

Dates to be posted this week.


Joy to you all . . .

A little smile, a word of cheer
A bit of love from someone near
A little gift from one held dear
Best wishes for the coming year

The best to you all 
Have a wonderful Christmas



The Point Loma Holiday Home Tour was a Great Success

by Cordelia Mendoza
Thanks to everyone who participated: Our fabulous Marketplace vendors, volunteers, Best Friends' staff, not to mention our generous homeowners, everyone that made this a huge success. As a first-time event, we had a great turnout, about 500 attendees, 75 tireless volunteers. There were adoptable dogs and pups at each of the homes. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Little Sissy,(renamed Missy) the adorable 8 month old puppymill Chihuahua got adopted!