Our trip to Carmel-By-the-Sea

My husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary in Carmel, CA. I always feel so much at home in Carmel because my grandparents lived there. I have fond memories of summers and many holidays spent there. Here are photos I took during our stay, mostly on our walks. We stayed at the luxurious 1929 Cypress Inn, which was awesome! The rooms are beautiful, updated to the 21st Century and the staff were wonderful. I love the charm and diversity of the homes in Carmel. I'm always fascinated with the natural, weather-worn look of gates and fences framing so many of the houses. 

My husband, Bob and I, at the Cypress Inn.

Here are a few examples, along with photos of the breathtakingly beautiful beaches and trees.
 I never tire of the storybook homes. 

This is a beach south of town, in the Carmel Valley.
An adorable 1905 cottage:

 A deer in the road - we never see this in San Diego!

 A garden arbor, Carmel style

. . . and yet another arched door

 I sound like a broken record, I loved all the whimsical gates and entrances to gardens

and more fences . . .

 A wonderful corner bistro we found and had a great lunch!

it was delish!

and yet another great fence!

and lastly, the Mission Ranch Inn, where we had dinner on our anniversary

 The beach at the foot of Ocean Avenue in the village of Carmel

 Pacific Grove Antiques - felt at home in this charming shop!

More fences and arbors:

 The Homestead Cottages looks like a sweet place to stay.

 and a view of the sky and sea through the trees.



Weekend Cowgirl said...

I have never been to Carmel and would love to visit there...maybe I can get a girls trip going!

Cordelia of Cottage Antiques said...

You must make a point of going to Carmel - you'd love it!

Maureen O'Grady said...

Looks like a little slice of heaven. Happy anniversary, and thanks for sharing your pictures!

Cordelia of Cottage Antiques said...

Hi Maureen -
It is a little slice of heaven, feels a bit European, too.
Thanks for the wishes. Enjoy your weekend and please visit Antique Cottage again!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in this town and need to make a fence and i sent your link to my brother to make my gate and fence. thanks for your enthusiasm for what I believe should be called the 'Carmel split cedar' or 'cottage split cedar' vs 'ranch split cedar' style.