Slipcovers make a home cozy and cottage-y

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Using her own beautiful house as an example, popular designer Carolyn Westbrook is a home designer who specializes in slipcovers.

Slipcovers offer a simple yet creative way to alter the look of any room within the home.

I've gotten into slipcovering lamp shades and our customers love them. Vintage linens are perfect for making the slipcovered lamp shades. A slipcover over a tired shade can change entirely the way a lamp looks. You can have the shades be sassy and floppy or tighter for a more formal look. Eyelet looks great in a child's room.

Whether it's a shade, a overstuffed or side chair, or a sofa, a slipcover can change a room.

Matelasse fabric used for a slipcover is extremently appealing and creates a nice texture for a monochromatic palette. White or cream quilts also work. I love the thick textures. They work in a bedroom, family or living room. For upholstery, a nice cotton linen works really well for a more sophisticated look. It's all the rage now and I think it's because it's so crisp and clean looking and works well for our lifestyles. Casual yet not too casual.

This is a pillow slipcovered in white crisp linen and done in a double box ruffle. Isn't it a great look?

This antique chair got a complete facelift and looks fabulous with a simple cotton linen fabric in a natural color and we added a double welt - makes all the difference.

You can also mix vintage fabrics, the pillow one below is actually made from a vintage damask tablecloth, to add charm and some color to a chair, sofa or bed.

Happy slipcovering!

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