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Our home was on a home & garden tour a couple of years ago and a magazine scout was through. She contacted us about being in one of their magazines, including Better Homes & Gardens. We had just finished our kitchen remodel. The article is featured in the Special Interests Publications by BHG, Kitchen Makeovers Summer 2008.
It has been 23 months since they photographed our kitchen. I never knew that when you see things in magazines, they were taken up to three years before. We are excited, though. Seeing our hard work in print is very satisfying and we're happy to share it with readers. Buying this house was a challenge and we have thoroughly enjoyed restoring it project by project.

Click on the magazine cover to see the article.

We're lucky to have so much light in our kitchen and I wanted to enhance it even more. We have a corner window and a wonderful deep garden window above the sink. The window feature is original to the home.

A few years ago, my husband Bob and I were traveling to a show in Fresno and Bob found this 1880s wicker set in an out-of-the-way shop. I love it and it is absolutely perfect for our kitchen!

I wanted soapstone on the countertops and subway tiles on the walls and in the stove cubby, and I had to have a farmhouse sink with an apron, number one on my list. I love the soapstone counters, absolutely, and they only get better as time goes on. I wanted a warm, honed look as if the counter had been around for a century, like you see in old homes in New England. Soapstone is nonporous and inert, that's why it's used in laboratories, they also cannot stain. Didn't mean to do a sales pitch here, but I am totally sold on the soapstone.
This tiled rooster is above the stove. I think it's one of the best features of our kitchen so I just had to share.

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