Marche Danes Le Jardin in Coronado

What a lovely fundraising event! Marché dans le jardin, held in the gorgeous home of Jane Pollock's ocean front property in Coronado. This was a fundraiser for Art Takes A Village where about 20 artisans gathered for an afternoon to show and sell there creative wares in this market in the garden with a fantastic view of the ocean. Kim Kelly (Bella Rustica), her friend Nancy and I enjoyed it so much. It was especially nice to reconnect with Christie Repasy. She and I have known eachother a very long time and she always participated in my Chintz events. Christie's art is romantic and sweet, just like her. Take a look at her website and see for yourself how unbelievably creative she is. It was fun as always to see Rita, Mammabellarte, Tamerie, A Little of This That and the Other, and, of course, Gina of Lizzy B's. I've been meaning for a long time to go the La Maison Rustique, Linda's barn in Temecula, never seem to make it, though, that thing called owning your own business seems to get in the way :-) But I enjoyed meeting Linda. She's as sincere and nice as I've been hearing for a long time. Everywhere you looked there was glitter, rhinestones or crystals. I couldn't resist Christie's latest small giclée, a sweet princess crown.

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