Interesting article in Country Living Magazine

There's a growing trend in retail, which I've not only noticed, but have taken part in, in Southern California. It's the occasional and seasonal sale in sheds, barns and even inside private homes. Some are repeat sales, or shows, with a multiple vendor venue in various areas of San Diego County. Because there is little overhead in putting on a sale like this, you can usually get better deals on merchandise. I'll try and post them on my web site to let you know where and when they'll be.


Katy said...

I had read this article too...very interesting. I actually have been tracking an 'antique events' calendar on my blog for the greater northwest area and I think I might need to change the title to 'occasional sales' ;0) can't wait to hear of any you find in your area...would love to visit your store too next time I'm in cali! Beautiful stuff! Blessings, Katy

Cordelia of Cottage Antiques said...

Hi, Katy
Thanks for visiting my blog. I think retail is changing, especially in the vintage, antiques and home accessories area and these barn sales and ocassional sales are making a huge impact and draw a lot of shoppers. Women love events that are in people's homes or gardens.
I took a look at your blog and website, very nice! I like the calendar of events you have. Great idea!

Crystal said...

Hello, first visit to your blog, I just love your shop and blog. Too bad I live in Pennsylvania.
I agree the face of retail is changing, we seem to want to feel those more personal touches when shopping.

Cordelia of Cottage Antiques said...

Crysta - Thanks for visiting my blog. If you ever get to San Diego, visit us. I bet you have great shopping haunts in Pennsylvania, with all of the history there. Check back in regularly, I'm glad to meet you.
~ Cordelia

Lisa Loria said...

Hello Cordelia:

I have a lovely venue for you to refer to. Mermaid Mercantile at Out if the Blue in Solana Beach. The last Sunday of each month. If you look at my blog, I have our information posted.

You have a great Blog and store.
Haven't been down that far in a while, but LOVE it!

Kind Regards,