Heidi's Historic Summer Gardens

On this Fourth of July, I featuring my good friend Heidi Daniels' barn shoppe. It's located in New England’s historic Harrub's Corner in Plympton, Massachusetts, in the town’s historic district. Heidi grew up in Ocean Beach, in San Diego, but she always wanted to move to the East Coast. So more than 15 years ago, she moved to New England and fulfilled her dream. That's where she met Ben, whom she later married. They bought a historic home with an 1800s post-and-beam barn on the property.   
Enjoy the photos and have a safe and happy 4th of July.

The house, named “Summer Gardens,” has a rich historic past. It was built by architect Isaac King in 1687 and completed around 1720. Back then, during the Revolutionary War, it was a way station. Also, in the mid 1800s, the property was a stagecoach stop and tavern. Besides the house, there are two small outbuildings, which once housed a store and post office. Heidi called her store Summer Gardens, after the original house. The shop is inside a large barn on the property.

Heidi loves primitives and Americana and her store reflects the past. It’s overflowing with homespun textiles, painted furniture, Windsor chairs, folk art dolls, handmade local art, and even famous local home-baked pies -- you name it. Heidi’s always loved decorating. I met her on the volleyball courts in South Mission Beach in the 1980s, and our group all called her the “Martha Stewart of Mission Beach” because she had such a knack with making her beach cottage cozy. Her quilts were stacked on a pine cupboard, and transferware plates were hung on the walls and also tucked inside a country hutch. The final touch was the almost endless aroma of cookies baking in her oven.
Fast forward to New England where today she has created a virtual fantasy on the grounds of historic Summer Gardens, with its blooming flower fields where Heidi does spends hours each day planting and pruning her fresh flower gardens. Customers can stroll, cut their own flower bouquets, and view the lavender fields and gourd arbor while admiring the barn and the 17th century home in the distance. Summer Gardens holds a Lavender Days event each year, which is coming up soon. I've always admired Heidi's creative talents, and now she's expressing them in this historically significant two-story barn. My husband Bob and I visited Heidi and Ben two summers ago and stayed on their property. It was very much like vacationing in a historic bed-and-breakfast inn.
So, on our nation’s birthday, this is my tribute to my friend Heidi's one-of-a-kind shop and all things American.

Give Heidi a call if there's anything in her barn you are interested in. (They ship.)  781-582-1576


Rita said...

When are we going? Saw your husband yesterday at your store. He is a keeper. Ciao Rita

Cordelia of Cottage Antiques said...

Hey, Rita!
I'm sorry I missed you yesterday. I was at home with my computer concentrating on internet duties with no interruptions.
Yes, Bob is a keeper, I'm a lucky girl!