Unusual Vintage Jewelry finds

These necklaces are amazing, each made from fragments of antique jewelry, estate pieces, watches, fobs, etc., creating a look that says more than meets the eye.

Each piece tells a story . . .

Each necklace is made of revamped vintage and estate pieces of other jewelry for a unique, flirty and very couture look.

I love estate jewelry especially ones that have a strong sense of where they've been, a part of a person's history. Jewelry, like all possessions, is only ours for a time, borrowed in a sense, and then will become treasured by the next appreciative owner. I wear a large gold locket that was my mother's and I always get compliments. It is time-worn and beautiful. She found it at a local estate sale with initials engraved on the front the same as hers. What are the chances? She loved this locket, absolutely loved it and was thrilled when she found it. I always feel like my mom is with me when I have it on. One day, someone else will wear it and hopefully feel the history in this locket that has adorned so many.
Jewelry, new and old, is such an expression of who we are, a statement really.
I found these wonderful pieces that are made by two gals in Arkansas. Each piece is made from a gathering of fragments of jewelry or keys or watches, part of someones life. The beauty is in their time-worn look to them. This jewelry is so appealing because there's a mystery there, hidden in the aged patina.
The past is always present and some things are a present from the past.