Old bottles with bling and glitz!

The contrast of the old bottles with rhinestones make the best displays for jewelry.


Snoozin said...

Cordelia - Love your site and catching up on what you've been doing. The shop is perfect and a wonderful reflection of you and Bob. Congratulations on all your accomplishments.

Frankie's story really touched my heart. Congrats to Cathy on the book.

After 34 years with SDUSD, I have hopes of retiring in two years. I'm also still entrenched in antique button collecting (no more jewelry making until retirement)-and I now hold the position of secretary for the National Button Society. (Ain't life grand!) Woody and I are still in Ramona, where my daughter, SIL and two teenage grandsons live only a mile from us. I promise to stop by your shop one day to say hello. It's been way to long ;-) Susi Porter

Cordelia of Cottage Antiques said...

HI, SUSAN!!! ~ Oh, my gosh - it's so nice to hear from you and I'm glad you found my blog and website. Email me at cottageantiques@cox.net.