I'm proud to be an American

I'm also very proud to be able to have voiced my opinion at the voting polls and sat riveted to the election results on TV last night. It's a new day.

With that said, now we need to get onto our daily lives, mine being buying and selling antiques. Now that's American, earning a living the good ol' American way, through hard work and perseverance. It's something I'm used to and thrive on it. My parents worked until they were into their 80s. My mom was teaching a class on antiques at a local junior college until she was 81. She loved to work and being involved and this country is made up of people like her. This is a great country where people can explore their entrepreneurial side or work for a someone else. It's their choice.

I met a very ambitious young man this weekend. My husband and I were driving through the neighborhood and noticed a car being detailed. We stopped to talk with the guy doing the work. He's a social worker and only works on weekends. He told us if he details our car, then every two weeks thereafter he comes to our home or business and washes our car. One of the other neighbors came by while we were talking to him and they said "he's worth every penny". I'll bet! We signed up. He will then do a mini detailing every six months and a free wash every two weeks. Now that's what I call a hard worker. Says he loves what he does and likes to stay busy. Afterwards, Bob and I were saying how people can just create their own jobs by working, simply working and creating a job for themselves. T

That's what we can do in this great country of ours. We have lots of choices if we just seek them out and explore and try. For me, I'll just keep pluggin' along with my antiquing. (Oops, did I just do a Palinism with "pluggin'"?

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