New Items in our store

It's always exciting changing the store around when we get new merchandise, gives us an excuse to re-decorate. Here's a sampling of what we have in our shop right now. A lot of furniture has sold and we're always replacing with things we've hunted down. We're quite proud of this beautiful Louis XV Walnut armoire with it's handsome details.

Here are some 1920s French postcards, a sampling of what we have - they're great for displaying on a dresser or vanity, and are wonderful framed as a miniature piece of art.

Matching the armoire is a gorgeous Louis XV French walnut bed with carved roses and garland.

This dresser has the most beautiful handpainted floral design on the front in the middle of the drawers. I love pieces like this, they're so cottage-y and perfect for our store.
This rare, Early Colonial corner cupboard is a gem. It has a beautiful patina and dates to the early part of the 17th Century.

I have a thing for these early metal medical and dental cabinets. They are so appealing and make wonderful display cabinets. Someone took the time to gild this one with 24kt goldleaf. It's exquisite and perfect for our Parisian and Victorian ladies' accessories.

These ducks are made from bamboo and the curve of the bodies bollow the natural curve of the bamboo, then the legs and head are made from resalvaged teak. They're made to be outdoors. I just can't resist them. Each one has a wood nametag hanging around their neck.


1st Mate said...

What a unique idea, to gold-leaf a metal medical cabinet! I'm not religious about "original paint" if something can instead be transformed like this. I assume the legs were added-on, they're much too elegant for a doctor's office.

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norfok cottages said...

I agree with 1st mate this is a unique idea.