Depression Glass Knobs & Drawer Pulls

Cabinet hardware is an important detail to complete the beauty of a piece of furniture and in turn, the beauty of your home. It's the details that make the difference in decorating.

We have a nice collection of the real thing to offer in depression glass drawer pulls and knobs. From the hard-to-find milk glass, ice blue, opaque green, dark green, and black to various sizes and shapes of clear glass. We also have the reproduction, made from original molds and with the same materials they made the old ones. Some people prefer to have the authentic antique knobs.

Our home is 1930s and I'm very lucky to have the original black glass knobs and pulls on our hallway and living room cabinets, one of our bathrooms and also all of the door knobs are intact. Replacing them when restoring an older home can get costly, not to mention challenging and time consuming.

This one below is a beautiful example of sandwich glass knobs. We have several in our store that I was lucky enough to find this week.


The Cochrans said...

Once at my grandmother's farm in Seadrift Texas, she found a large dead snake in the henhouse, with a big lump about midway down its length. It was a white glass doorknob just like the ones you have pictured here. Grandma was putting them into the hens' nests to fool them into thinking they were in laying mode. But instead, this time, she fooled the snake who thought he was swallowing an egg!

norfok cottages said...

I guess those living in farm houses are so use of getting snakes.