Journals by artist Martha Stauderman with her Martha Lily Designs

I love these and they're selling as they're coming in. Exclusive to Cottage Antiques, these are created by Martha with her Martha Lily Designs. Made from pieces and fragments of the past and inspired by old wallpapers and vintage lace, these will knock your socks off. Custom made journals available, too. Bring in your own memorabilia for a personalized journal by Martha Lily.

This Notes journal is one of my favorites

The very first day we had these miniature "Friends" books in my shop, we immediately had custom orders for them! They make great gifts! Martha Lily can create them with a child's fantasies and delights in mind, gear it toward someones hobby, for example horses, mermaids, swimming, soccer - anything!

These journals make the ideal gift!

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Pink Pig said...

I love the journals they are really fantastic and a perfect gift. Thanks so much for the informative read. I will be back for more!