Corner Cupboard Painted and Redecorated!

I finally have been able to finish my cupboard project. As posted earlier on my blog, I was going to sell my collection of flow blue, which I've just about completely sold on eBay. There are still a couple of pieces on eBay, but most of it has sold.The corner cupboard is a creamy white, which I like but I was so over the bright yellow interior. It was painted yellow when I got it. It looked great with my Flow Blue collection, but it was time for a change. I gathered up some of my white ironstone and Staffordshire pieces and put some of them in this cupboard.

Last weekend, I cleaned the interior of the cabinet and started painting over the yellow. The color is a very pale mocha or an oatmeal color. I don't know the name of the color, but I like it!

I painted the mullions on around the window panes on the door, and started on the interior. My husband offered to finish the job for me, while I gathered my white Staffordshire to put into the cabinet.

I love the new look - it turned out great. Very simple, subtle and soft. I love white on white or shades of cream and natural colors.

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