Just back from the California Antique Show in Los Altos

by Cordelia Mendoza
What a show! Friday afternoon I arrived in San Francisco after a delayed flight, then headed to my friend Jerilyn's son, Christopher and his wife Barbara's lovely home in Bellevue. Their babysitter arrived and we headed for the
gala opening of the California Country Antique Show, The weather was in the 80s, even in the evening, which I found very pleasant because the show was indoors as well as outdoors at the . It was held at the Hillview Community Center in Los Altos.
Los Altos is a great town.
They have a charming downtown area where we had lunch at a quaint Italian Delicatessan on Main Street.

Here are some photos of dealers at the antique show. There were vendors from Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas and all over California. The best of the best in 18th and 19th Century American antiques (there were a few French things thrown in which made me very happy). There was a lot of Staffordshire pieces, too, and the architectural pieces were awesome - just beautiful, from early stone (not concrete) urns, outside architectural ornaments from Victorian homes - wonderful things that I eyed. I bought an architectural half round over-the-door piece for my home. I'll post a photo later when we unpack it.

There was a lot of buying going on, that I saw anyway. I was with a group of friends and every single one of us bought and there were a couple of people in our group that found some higher end treasures to buy. I hope the show was a good one so it will continue. So many shows are dwindling or closing.

Being so close to July Fourth and the summer upon us, there was a lot of American flag items. Very festive!

And, finally, this is one thing I bought. It will go above a door in our home.

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