Soapstone Countertops - Ageless, Green & Sustainable

A few years ago, Bob and I remodeled our kitchen. Since we have an older home, built in 1935, we wanted the kitchen to be updated, but it was important to us that it complement and respect the history of our home. We wanted the kitchen to look like it belonged. Soapstone has a reputation for being traditional but is ageless with its rustic, charming and natural look. It has been used for centuries for urns, cups, ovens, fireplaces. It was, and still is, common in homes particularly in New England and has been used in kitchens for over two centuries. There are homes where the 100+ year old soapstone is still standing. 

There really is nothing quite like soapstone. It's extraordinarily beautiful and possesses remarkable stability, feels soft, to the touch. Because of its density (it is nonporous), it makes it a desirable choice in kitchens and bathrooms for sinks and countertops. It's impenetrable, which means it won't stain. That's why you see it in biology and chemistry labs; it's inert. Its longevity to long term, high traffic use has been given the test of time - it's amazing! Alkalis and acids won't affect it as they will granite, marble, limestone or slate. It is the most practical of stone countertops. Soapstone is quarried like granite or marble. It is a steatite stone and its primary components are magnesite, dolomite, chlorite, and talc. It ranges in age from 300 to 400 million years old depending on where on the planet it came from. It is smooth to the touch like a piece of dry soap. Thus the name "soap" stone. 

As an important bonus, soapstone is the most environmentally friendly countertop available, from taking it out of the quarry to preparing it for the consumer, there is near zero impact on our planet. Another big environmental benefit is its high resistance to bacteria. No harsh chemicals or cleaners is necessary to clean the countertops. 

Soapstone develops its own personality over time. So, after doing much research and many nay sayer's comments, we had soapstone installed. I love everything about it and we are happy we made the choice to select natural soapstone for our countertops. Soapstone is o aesthetically pleasing!

Click on these websites for information on purchasing soapstone:

Soapstone International



nicolette said...

While it's true that soap stones have quite a history, in this case, I don't see it being old fashioned at all. Actually, the kitchen seems modern, and has profound characters.


Cordelia of Cottage Antiques said...

Actually, subway tiles have been in existence since 1901 in the New York subway system, virtually unchanged in the look. Combined with soapstone, it can give a very crisp but time-honored look. Even the cabinet cup pulls are a late 1800s look on painted Shaker-style cabinets and the original Douglas fir planks, it makes for an older style kitchen.

Thanks for taking a look.

VictorianCobweb said...

I never thought of soapstone as countertops! Great idea for my "Home Folder".
You have a beautiful site, and an antiques shop I would love to spend the day in - one day soon.

Anonymous said...

I love the soapstone, painted Shaker cabinets, and subway tile combo. It's just what I'm planning for my own kitchen update. The bridge faucet caught my eye. What brand is it? I love that it's nice and high. Thanks.


Cordelia of Cottage Antiques said...

Louise - Thank you! The faucet is American Standard. My friend bought one for her kitchen last year and it is available online only. Good luck and thanks for visiting my blog!
Good luck, Cordelia